Mila Kunis plastic surgery, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Black Swan' and 'That '70s Show' star.

Mila Kunis plastic surgery
Mila Kunis plastic surgery

Mila Kunis plastic surgery before and after pictures

This earlier than & After become a reader request (thanks, Sarah!) and likely one of the ultimate human beings that come to thoughts while speaking approximately celebrity plastic surgical procedure and Mila Kunis plastic surgery is hot thing. The men’s mag FHM named Mila Kunis the sexiest female alive this year—and upon nearer inspection, she pretty probably had a touch assist in getting to the top of that list.

Mila Kunis plastic surgery in 1999

This shot was taken when Mila Kunis turned into best 15. Ah, the ’90s! Brown lipstick, 0 blush, terrible hair accessories and unflattering necklines. Even nonetheless, she’s way greater beautiful than any teenagers I knew at the time.

Mila Kunis plastic surgery in 2000


Genetically. Blessed. Now, her face become fuller here, as she nonetheless had a few child fat, and her eyebrows had been skinnier, as turned into the trend. but the regions i am zoning in on are the hairline, nose and eyelids. Take word.

Mila Kunis plastic surgery in 2007

I suppose her nostril has modified by this point, but i’m not a hundred percentage certain it is the final version. (Repeat rhinoplasties are pretty not unusual.) also interesting is that she didn’t constantly have such ideal skin. it’s all a part of the evolution, people…

Mila Kunis plastic surgery in 2010


Her pores and skin is calling better, even though it’s a piece brilliant. And her hairline appears a bit tidier compared to the 2000 shot—perhaps the equal laser system that i believe Kim Kardashian had? Her nose is also greater button-like and now not as wide. Pores and skin is looking top notch, and i experience like the refinements to her nostril assist to carry out her remarkable eyes. It really is the principle motive such a lot of celebs get rhinoplasty, with the aid of the way. In contrast to the relaxation people, their careers rely on expressing emotion with the eyes. So it is understandable they had not need the distraction of non-uniform facial functions, in one of these competitive field.

Mila Kunis plastic surgery in 2016

But tell me about her eyes, do you suspect she also had eyelid surgical operation? Sarah, the reader who asked this submit, suspected as a whole lot, and i’m wondering. i will say that Mila‘s eyes probably appearance a piece wider open than they have been inside the early days. Or it can be the make-up… or the flash of the digital camera… we’re going to in all likelihood by no means understand! Mila Kunis has such top notch eyes for eye make-up!  Mila Kunis had given birth to her first baby only a few months earlier than this photo. She appears remarkable! these exaggerated cat eyes are quickly turning into Mila‘s signature make-up. Love!


According to surgeon Jennifer Walden: “After looking at many snap shots of Mila Kunis, I accept as true with she’s had a conservative and elegantly achieved rhinoplasty that served to slim the width of the nasal dorsum (or bridge), give it a bit greater dorsal peak and refining the end. This suits her stunning face a great deal better; it appeared wide and boxy for her petite face in older pix.”

I am putting Mila Kunis inside the same category as Scarlett Johansson with regards to her nostril—the adjustments were so subtle and herbal, it just subtle her beauty rather than making her seem like a latest person. My most effective gripe? That she won’t just very own it.


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