Megan Fox plastic surgery, Before and After

Megan Fox plastic surgery, What she looked like before she got famous—and why her experiments with injectables should be a cautionary tale.

megan fox hot
megan fox hot

Is Megan Fox plastic surgery the ultimate before and after subject or what?! Thanks to sweet Marina from Makeup4All for the idea—I can’t believe she wasn’t at the top of my list, but I guess it’s because as a new mom, Megan Fox plastic surgery is rarely on the red carpet these days. Out of sight, out of mind, after all.

The Transformers star is 27 now and I have to confess, I thought she was older. Partly because it seems like she’s been in the public eye forever, but also because what 24-year-old—her age when the injections got out of control—messes with their face like this? (Heck, what 34- or 44-year-old, even?) Here’s how the whole transformation went down, and then let’s talk about it!

The before

I dug way, way back to find this 2005 photograph:

Megan Fox, ABC Upfront party, 2005

The angle’s not great, so this pic isn’t so much to look at her nose (since nose jobs do seem to be the number one thing Hollywood people end up changing), but to show you her skin. Why yes, one of the most beautiful women in the world started out with pitted acne scars. I point this out not to make anyone else feel bad about having them—but just to say, look! Even the so-called hottest celebs aren’t perfect, either.

Here’s a front-on view from the following year, 2006:

Megan Fox, Olympus Fashion Week, 2006

Her eyes are very beautiful, but it’s funny—she kinda just looks like a normal girl. Check out the nose, and then take a look at this next pic from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards:

Megan Fox, MTV Movie Awards, 2008

It was around this time that people (including me!) started calling her “the poor man’s Angelina Jolie,” remember that? I think the nose reshaping had a lot to do with the change. The bridge is significantly narrower and the tip is much more defined. As I’ve said before, it’s the whole Hollywood thing of taking away the distraction of the nose so people can focus on the actor’s eyes.

I’m not sure if she had anything done to her lips at this point. The bottom one was definitely exaggerated with lip liner (shudder). Oh, and take note of all the freckles.

Here’s another pic, also from 2008, at a GQ party:

Megan Fox, GQ Men of the Year party, 2008

Her face is quite full here; I think it’s natural and that she probably just lost weight as she got more famous (as they do). The acne scars are still a little bit visible, even though she’s wearing tons more makeup here to cover the freckles. Eyebrows are improving as well. I could be wrong, but I think the only work done by this point was the nose.

The after

After Transformers, Megan Fox plastic surgery totally stepped up her game:

Megan Fox, Transformers press conference, 2009

This pic is from 2009, and I think it’s the start of a little filler in the top lip. She must have lost a bit of weight in her face, too. I’m much more into the fresh-faced, natural-looking Megan Fox plastic surgery than the one with skinny eyebrows and frosty lipstick with those open-mouth poses on the red carpet. Sure, the brows are still a little tadpole-like, and her skin texture’s not perfect, but she looks absolutely radiant with the “make-under.” She’s so much younger-looking with less makeup.

Ah, but it was not to last because here’s the photo you’ve been waiting for. This is from 2010:

Megan Fox, Jonah Hex premiere, 2010

What the heck?! Somebody’s gone whacko with the injectable fillers. The doctor must’ve been high when this happened. It’s way too much, making her look older, not younger, and actually kind of bloated and alien-like. I think this happens when the filler is used to try and lift the face and add too much volume. You end up having to use so much, it looks awful. I think it’s better to just spot-treat with filler and put it in the hollows of the nasolabials, around the nose, instead of in the fat pads of the cheeks. It just looks wrong.

And it’s not just the cheeks; there’s also a ton of filler in the lips and I’m guessing Botox in her forehead. Somehow her brows look a bit more lifted.

Thankfully, things calmed down a bit by the 2011 Golden Globes (this is how we know it wasn’t scary cheek implants!):

Megan Fox, Golden Globes, 2011

Filler lasts about six to nine months, so I think some of it is still here; her cheeks still look a bit inflated although not quite as insane. The lips are pretty much back to normal. Another thing that’s interesting is her skin. I’m sure she’s wearing tons of makeup, but it seems like her acne scars are much improved and she barely has any freckles anymore. Probably she had some kind of laser resurfacing like Fraxel.

Now here’s Megan Fox plastic surgery in 2012 with even more of a transformation into a pale-skinned, dark-haired beauty:

Megan Fox, This is 40 premiere, 2012

Isn’t this something? It’s a totally different look to what she was putting out there before—a major upgrade. I love the hair and makeup, and I think she got a much better doctor. Her lips and cheeks look full but not ridiculous anymore. And I think she’s kept up with the Botox; her forehead looks as tight as a drum.

Now for the final shot, at the 2013 Golden Globes:

Megan Fox, Golden Globes, 2013

Could it be that she’s given up on the cheek filler? Or maybe it’s just that she lost baby weight—and of course, normal aging. I see some fine lines on her forehead (I say this because I think it’s a good thing), although I think she’s probably still doing Botox in between the brows and putting filler in her upper lip. Oh, and note how she really isn’t wearing much makeup. I’d say those laser resurfacing sessions paid off big time!

The bottom line

I’m really glad that Megan Fox plastic surgery seems to be easing up on all the “self-improvement.” In a way, much of her claim to fame was due to these very cosmetic changes—the nose job was probably a necessary rite of passage to transform her into Hollywood material, and she became known for the full lips and (I suspect) breast implants. So one can see how easy it would be to get carried away at the hand of whatever doctors helped her get famous. I do think the rhinoplasty and skin resurfacing enhanced her beauty, but the bloated, crazy-looking cheek and lip injections obviously did not. They really are a great example of how too much filler and in the wrong places makes you look older, not younger. Now, if only more dermatologists and plastic surgeons got that message…

Now I want to hear what you think:

What procedures do you think Megan has had?
Do you think she looks better now, or should she have stopped somewhere along the way?
Does this turn you off from ever having injectable fillers?


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