Kim Kardashian, Before and After

After that, it was on to the face, where she only admits to having Botox... but I beg to differ. (Also think she had a second breast augmentation—those things are massive!) Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Kim Kardashian, Before and After
Kim Kardashian, Before and After

Kim Kardashian, Before and After – Love her or loathe her, Kim Kardashian is the ultimate example of the lengths some celebrities go to in adjusting their appearance on their journey to fame. We may not all agree on whether Scarlett had a nose job, or if Blake had eyelid surgery—but looking at Kim, there’s no denying that certain things have been “tweaked.”

It actually started not with her face but with her breasts and butt—did you know she has another ex-husband that’s not Kris Humphries? And that he paid for a boob job and lipo in the early 2000s? Yep. In the latter procedure, fat was moved from her legs to her buttocks, which is why that episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where she got a butt x-ray “proved” that she hadn’t had butt implants. Sneaky!

The before

This is Kim in 2006, right when she was starting to hit the paparazzi circuit alongside her then-BFF Paris Hilton. She did learn from the best!

Kim Kardashian - Living Room Surfrider party, 2006

Obviously, we’ve come a long way in terms of makeup application as well as skin quality in general. Kim is very open about how she gets Fraxel laser sessions, so her tone is much more even now than it was here. (Not that it’s easy to tell underneath all the foundation she wears these days.)

This pic is also circa 2006. She looks SO pretty and subtly sexy:

Kim Kardashian - Dom Perignon party, 2006

Notice that she always had very full lips (or maybe she was already into the lip injections at this point?). Also notice her chin and her hairline, because we’re gonna talk about those in a minute, too.

Now fast-forward to 2008. Something is different, but what is it?

Kim Kardashian - Teen Choice Awards, 2008

Hard to say if there’s been a surgical adjustment or if it’s just the makeup… but I do know that colour scheme is hella unflattering. If I had to guess, I’d say that she’s maybe done a chin implant at this point because that area looks less pointy than it was in the earlier pics.

The after

Are you ready for this? Here we are just two years later, in 2010, and Kim looks eerily similar to Jocelyn Wildenstein. Holy F:

Kim Kardashian - Bravada launch party, 2010

Where do I even begin? Let’s start with the cheeks. They’re the most obvious transformation, and that could be from either filler or cheek implants. (If you’re ever tempted to get Restylane, this should be a cautionary tale. I think if you’re going to put it in the cheeks, it has to be done extremely sparingly, as the effect can be quite masculinizing.)

I also think this pic shows an inflation in the tittens… and plastic surgeons agree that she’s had her nose done, too. “Her nose appears to have gotten a little shorter and more refined, possibly from… conservative rhinoplasty,” says Dr. Anthony Youn.

Kim Kardashian - Glamour Women of the Year awards, 2011

But wait, there’s more! The shot above is from 2011 and I think this one really shows how her hairline has changed. It’s been pushed back quite a bit and is more square now, plus there aren’t many of those little baby hairs left. This is the result of electrolysis. (Apparently it’s an old time Hollywood secret—stars have been using it to create or hide widow’s peaks and raise hairlines for decades.)

Here’s Kim in 2012:

Kim Kardashian - pre-Grammy party, 2012

I’m no expert, and she’s also wearing a ton of eye makeup, but Kim may have had something done to her eyes as well. They seem more feline. I think she’s had filler around the eyes too, as there aren’t the normal hollows underneath them.

Last pic is also from 2012, before she was pregnant:

Kim Kardashian - Midori beach party, 2012

This one kinda reminds me of the 2006 Kim, except her cheeks are so prominent now and her eyes don’t seem to open as wide. I do love the shorter hair length on her—looks younger. And here, her chin looks pointer again, so who knows?

The bottom line

You know, I love that Kim has helped build a place in Hollywood for voluptuous figures, even if hers isn’t 100 percent natural. And you’ve got to hand it to the woman, she’s a genius at self-promotion. I just think that somewhere along the way she lost perspective with regards to her face. She was a beautiful woman before all of this, and I think could’ve been just as successful without doing a thing to herself above the neck. (Sadly, she did get good PR for showing off her exaggerated hourglass figure. And the sex tape didn’t hurt either.) But now, with the changes to her face, her beauty is very much the plastic kind… it’s just a little “off.”

Comment what you think:

Do you think Kim looked better “before”?
Or do you think her many changes are an improvement?
Which procedures do you think she’s had?

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