Amal Alamuddin Clooney Before and After Plastic Surgery

Amal Clooney plastic surgery with George Clooney
Amal Clooney plastic surgery with George Clooney

Amal’s plastic surgery procedures

Amal Alamuddin, a lawyer and author have gained popularity in the past few years due to her plastic surgery. But do you know what kind of plastic surgeries she has undergone?

Every celebrity is undergoing some plastic surgery but what is motivating her to use a medical procedure to enhance her looks? When they got married, Gorge admitted that “and she was having a tough time dealing with living under the microscope and all of the attention she was receiving.” Well she is now the wife of a famous husband, and so she will get a lot of exposure, does that explain Well, according to Dr Antony Youn, she has undergone, “may get benefit from Botoxchemical peeland filler injections.”

George Clooney denies dyetting plastic surgery

Botox and Fillers

Maybe you might be asking yourself, “what are all these medical terms?” Botox and fillers are beauty enhances which keep the face look fresher and younger.

To find out whether for real Amal has had any plastic surgery, we will try to compare her looks before she came to the limelight and now. We will also rely on the medical practitioner who understands how the Botox and fillers work.

Botox is a medical procedure that is done to rejuvenate the forehead area from wrinkles. Before using this injection, Amal’s forehead had wrinkles, but due to regular Botox injections, her facenow looks smooth and without any signs of ageing.

Fillers are mostly used on the soft tissues like the lips and cheeks. Before she started using fillers, her lips and the cheeks were thin, but ever since she starting using it, her lips and cheeks now look fuller.

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Dr Evans had this to say concerning her cheeks, “The cheeks look lifted maybe from fillersbecause there are no scars. She still has lines in her cheeks too, which is not typical with a facelift,”

She has also used fillers in her eyes. Before using the fillers on her eyes, her eyes has wrinklesand bags. But due to either repeated Botox or fillers, her eyes no longer have wrinkles or bagsbeneath her eyes. The Dr. told the Design & Trend that, “She certainly looks younger. She under eyes look fuller, maybe from fillers or perhaps eye surgery, including reposition fat under her eye.”

Amal Clooney before and after plastic surgery

However, according to Dr Tracy, “Lip-enhancing injectable fillers are the most addictive procedures”. Hence there is a possibility that Ms Alamuddin has become an addict to plastic surgeries after undergoing several Botox and filler injections.

Amal Alamuddin husband, Gorge Clooney had this to say, “Now, she appears to have done a complete 180, and is obsessed with her appearance and how she is perceived in the public eye.”

Nose Reshaping

Amal Alamuddin has had a series of nose uplifts and implants. Dr Ralf who performed the surgery says, “Ms Alamuddin’s features are curiously natural in their appearance, cleverly sculpted so as to appear as if they have not been utterly reshaped beyond their original form through multiple lifts or implants. But whatever we think, it is clearly a look George seems to go for …”


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