The Best 90’s Beauty Icons: Then and now


The Best 90’s Beauty Icons

Today we decided to see how the main heroines of the 1990s changed, who gave the world new canons of female beauty that are still relevant today.

Sharon Stone

The Best 90's Beauty Icons: Then and now

In 1992, the screen went to the cult erotic thriller Paul Verhoeven “Basic Instinct”, and the world fell in love with Sharon Stone. Actress, unlike many colleagues in the shop, never went under the knife of a plastic surgeon and did not try to inject beauty. But despite this, Sharon is still just as good – regular training, proper nutrition and competent skin care allow the actress to look much younger than her years.

Naomi Campbell

The Best 90's Beauty Icons: Then and now

Naomi Campbell – the first dark-skinned model, appeared on the covers of “Time” and “Vogue”. Black Panther – this nickname model was not at all because of the color of the skin, but for its luxurious plastic and “cat’s” gait on the catwalk. The stormy personal life, far from mild temper, had no effect on Naomi’s appearance – today she is still as good as 25 years ago.

Demmy Moor

The Best 90's Beauty Icons: Then and now

In 1990, the movie “Ghost” was released, and millions of men “went crazy” for Demi Moore. A fragile brunette with a short haircut has become a sex symbol of a generation. For almost 30 years, the appearance of Demi has changed many times: the actress experimented with images, did plastic surgery and even sheared her hair. Today Demi is 54 years old, but she’s still fucking sexy!

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Claudia Schiffer

The Best 90's Beauty Icons: Then and now

Claudia Schiffer is the main supermodel of the 90s. And it is to it that we owe the notorious “90-60-90”. For 30 years on the podium Claudia has been on the covers of gloss more than 900 times, and this record has not yet been beaten by anyone. Today Claudia Schiffer is 46 years old, and she still looks great. The beauty of the top model is a mix of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Lara Flynn Boyle, Sherilyn Fenn, Mädchen Amick

Lara Flynn Boyle, Sherilyn Fenn,  Mädchen Amick

The cult series of David Lynch “Twin Peaks” gave the world just three new sex symbols: Sherilin Fann, Lara Flynn Boyle and Madhen Emik. In 2017, Lynch showed us the Twin Peaks 25 years later. Alas, ruthless time does not spare anyone … Best of all today looks Madhen Emik – constant shooting in the series do not give the actress “relax.” A bit offensive for Sherilin Fann – the actress greatly recovered, changed her hair color to blond and, it seems, does not much “bother” with taking care of herself. But the sad thing is to look at Lara Flynn Boyle: because of a number of unsuccessful plastic surgeries, the appearance of the once charming actress has changed beyond recognition.

Cindy Crawford

The Best 90's Beauty Icons: Then and now

Cindy Crawford has always been the “second” after Claudia Schiffer. But to this day the figure of the supermodel is considered a standard, and its video training complex is spreading around the world in multi-million copies. Today Cindy is 51, but will you say? The secret of youth and beauty of the supermodel in regular sports, a balanced diet and an optimistic outlook on life.

Linda Evangelista

The Best 90's Beauty Icons: Then and now

Linda Evangelista was unlike other supermodels, and it was this “dissimilarity” that became the girl’s main trump card. Green almond eyes, aquiline nose and infinitely long legs – millions were in love with Linda! Unfortunately, today all this is in the past: the fascination with plastic and injections plus excess weight – from the former beauty there was no trace.

Kate Moss

The Best 90's Beauty Icons: Then and now

Claudia, Cindy, Naomi, move on! Kate Moss appears on the fashion podium! Such unlike the others, but at the same time incredibly charismatic and bright! Kate was accused of anorexia, a predilection for alcohol and drugs, but this did not stop the girl from making multimillion-dollar contracts with the “monsters” of the industry and regularly appear on the cover of the gloss. Today Kate Moss is 43 years old, and she is still being criticized. For an untidy appearance, a disdainful attitude to yourself … But we still adore her, because this is Kate Moss, the only and unique!

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Julia Roberts

The Best 90's Beauty Icons: Then and now

“Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts – one of the main movie hits of the 90’s. It was love at first sight, which does not die out to this day. A year after the release of the film, Julia Roberts first decorated the cover of a special issue of People magazine – “The Most Beautiful Women of the World”. And now, 26 years later, the actress again smiles at us from the cover of the publication – Julia Roberts became the owner of the honorary title for the fifth time!



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