15 Shocking Plastic Surgery Fails

Here are some horrific examples of why you should take the time to find a good doctor before going under the knife.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery fail
Nikki Cox plastic surgery fail

Plastic surgery is one of my “in case of emergency” things, should my features decide to drastically rebel without informing me. For now, makeup and Spanx has me covered. Maybe in 30 years or so I will look into much greater measures to preserve my youth. Plastic surgery has definitely made waves— especially in Hollywood. There’s been some amazing work done on celebs and regular people, and I’ve taken good note of that. However, there’s also been some not-so-amazing work done that has made me more cautious about the idea of plastic surgery, and more aware of the importance of having a good surgeon. I don’t want my face to melt because I went to a fly by night doctor— that’s scary.

#15 – Nikki Cox

Now, this doesn’t look too bad compared to the others on the list. However, if you compare the before and after photos of actress Nikki Cox (best known for her role on “Unhappily Ever After”), you’ll notice a big difference. From looking like a hot supermodel to looking like, well, a mannequin, she definitely chose the wrong doctor to work on her face. This is why getting Botox is a tricky procedure to undergo. It’s a pass or fail kind of thing.

In her after photo, Nikki seems to be having a hard time smiling for the cameras. That’s a clear sign of Botox, because you have no proper control of your facial muscles (they’re just stiff.) The skin on and around Nikki’s lips seem to be getting taut from the fillers. With such unkissable lips, lets hope Nikki still gets her happily ever after.

#14 – Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah was one of the most gorgeous women from the 80?s. I’ve admired her so much because of her talents and advocacies. As we grow older, our bodies fail to inform us when they’re planning on changing some things— it’s like renting an apartment, then suddenly getting an eviction notice. So, some women opt to get work done.

In Daryl’s case, things didn’t go so well— she looks even older. If we can’t trust our doctors, who can we trust? Now, Daryl never did confirm that she had any work done, but her before and after photos say otherwise. Her beauty was very unique by Hollywood standards because despite being the typical blonde, her looks still had an exotic touch. Daryl seems to have had some lip injections, Botox, cheek implants, and some face lifting—evidently, from a horrible plastic surgeon.

#13 – Jian Feng Sues Wife Over Ugly Children

A man from China named Jian Feng sued his wife (and won) after noticing that their children had his wife’s old features— something that he wasn’t aware of until recently. Plastic surgery can change your outward appearance, but it certainly can’t change you on the inside. Your DNA will retain its old features even if you already had a new nose installed.

I’m going to tell you a little story that’s related to the photo. I have a friend who had some work done during her college years and she didn’t tell her husband about it. After she gave birth to their son, she saw that the baby got her old nose— which raised a lot of questions from her husband. So, lesson learned: be honest with your spouse if you’ve had work done. This could be grounds for divorce or annulment, and come on, have mercy on your future children.

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#12 – Unknown Name

If you carefully observe this woman’s photo, you’ll notice that she has bumpy edges around areas of her face where it should be smooth and contoured. Those are caused by scar tissue from facelifts. Now, if your doctor has done enough facelifts with a 100% success rate, the scar tissue won’t be excessive let alone noticeable. Also, a good doctor provides some very thorough after-care instructions.

So, your plastic surgery isn’t over after you get off the operating table. Make sure you attend all of the follow-ups with your surgeon, and if he gives any meds or special routines for you to do, do it. Sometimes, a doctor will recommend that you take it easy on the procedures and not get them done back to back to back. If he rushes you to get everything finished, become suspicious. Your body will need time to heal in between sessions, so if a doctor tells you to get two of them in one day, that’s bad news.

#11 – Jackie Stallone

Michael Myers from Halloween?

Nope. It’s a woman who got fooled by her plastic surgeon. Incidentally, this woman is Jackie Stallone, Sylvester Stallone’s mom. Jackie looks like she was given Botox injections in all the wrong places of her face. Even her lips were affected. At 93 years old, Jackie has expressed regret over her decision to get plastic surgery and thinks that she resembles “a chipmunk with a mouth full of walnuts”. She admits that she has had too much injections of Juviderm, a type of filler used for the cheeks.

I’m trying to find nice things to say about this, but you’ve gotta be a horrible doctor to let your patients leave your office looking like this. Come on, Jackie’s a socialite who used to be stunning back in the day. Why would you ruin someone’s face like that?’

#10 – Unknown Name

Alright, too many over-filled lips here. There’s actually a product out there called “lip venom” that you can use to have (temporarily) pouty lips. The only downside of “lip venom” is the mild, tingly sensation after applying it.

Or you can always pull a Kylie Jenner, and use lip liner to draw outside of your lip line to make your lips appear fuller. It’s such a good method that some were convinced that the young girl had lip injections, but nope. It’s all the rage right now— maybe you should look into this alternative to avoid a disaster. You can easily go on YouTube and Pinterest for tutorials on how to get pouty lips sans over-injecting your pucker with fillers.

Or if you’re really into the “wax lips” look (I’m not judging, to each their own) just make sure that your lips won’t fall off your face the next time you get injections.

#9 – Kristina Rei

Oh honey, no. Do you need some ice for that? Oh wait, I thought a thousand bees stung your lips. Turns out it was just lip injections— over 100 of them.

That looks extremely painful. One of my greatest fears is having my lips too stretched out, but it seems like Kristina Rei is one fearless chick. I’ve heard of duck lips for selfies before, but this is ridiculous. Kristina says she’s not stopping there and plans to have a breast augmentation, a nose job, and also wants to get her ears pointed.

Just— why is Kristina doing this to herself? She is obsessed with looking like her favorite cartoon character “Jessica Rabbit.” Kristina currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records for biggest lips. Now, she just has to dye her hair red and put on a red dress— then she will be Jessica Rabbit (if Jessica Rabbit had horrible plastic surgery.)

#8 – Unknown Name

One of my greatest fears about undergoing plastic surgery is not looking human afterwards. I mean, when you get work done, you become at least 5% plastic and the more you undergo the knife, the more plastic and doll-like you become. It’s scary to see what happens to these people that are so addicted to plastic surgery. Despite looking like plastic, they can’t resist the temptation to get more work done. Good doctors will tell you what’s best for you and when it’s time to stop.

So many people in the news admit that they’re getting plastic surgery done because they want to look like celebrities or their favorite childhood cartoons. Well, I honestly support that reason, however, there should be limitations and regulations regarding those who want dramatic “changes” to their appearance. Unfortunately, so long as there are money-hungry doctors out there, there won’t be an end to horrible plastic surgery results.

#7 – Unknown Name

Man, these doctors are really going for a signature look for their patients, eh? While I may not be someone who has gone under the knife, I’ve taken enough notes about what one should look for in a doctor. See, these doctors usually have “portfolios” that you can look through. If possible, ask someone you know about any doctors that they can recommend— someone that they’ve personally consulted with and had work done from before. Knowing these things beforehand can save your bank account and your face.

Plastic surgery isn’t a place for you to get “discounted rates for multiple procedures” or “50% off on your first visit” because well, you’ll end up getting a discounted piece of work on your face or your body as well. Maybe you’ll get unsterilized tools, or even silicone injections replaced with a saline solution.

#6 – Pete Burns

There seems to be a trend with horrible plastic surgeries, and it seems to be the prominence of huge lips. Pete Burns (from the band “Dead or Alive”) sure did follow that trend. There are far better doctors out there that can give these people a natural-looking perma-pout.

Pete has admitted that he knows that his face might fall off, but that won’t stop him from getting more plastic surgery done. Well, if that won’t stop him, what will? Pete’s had a botched lip implant that left him suicidal and he’s still a fan of going under the knife—take note, he denied being “addicted”, but is definitely a fan. Well, then…

For better cheekbones, anyone can easily learn the art of contouring on YouTube. No need to risk too much fillers getting injected into your face by an incompetent doctor.

#5 – Michaela Romanini

Botox and lip injections are both considered to be “lunch time procedures”, as they’re something you can get done in 30 minutes.

Botox is essentially a toxin that paralyzes your face. It get rids of wrinkles, but don’t you think it’s a bit counter productive to get Botox then get a tan? You’re just making things worse for yourself if you get your face paralyzed to get rid of wrinkles, then immediately expose your face to the sun (which gives you wrinkles.) That’s a recipe for disaster, just ask Italian socialite Michaela Romanini.

Michaela has said that she developed an addiction to lip collagen injections at a young age and still continues to get them today. From being one of the most beautiful European socialites, Michaela looks drastically different now, and is practically unrecognizable.

#4 – Unknown Name

We have yet another example of disastrous work done on someone’s lips. It’s the center of a person’s face, so it’s usually the first thing that gets noticed. But if your lips take up half of the space on your face, then something must have went wrong there. It’s either that you have a bad doctor who became too happy while injecting your lips with collagen, or you’re addicted to getting overly pouty lips.

Our lips are sensitive and filled with nerves. During one of my “in case of emergency” surgery researches, I’ve discovered that there are some certain nerves inside our lips that can get damaged and affect the way we eat, speak, and open our mouths. So, tread carefully when you’re planning on getting some work done on your lips. The bottom part of your face might end up paralyzed, leading to more complications.

#3 – Donatella Versace

Now, Donatella Versace used to be a pretty lady. I just don’t think she was able to uhm, get enough time to maintain her looks. I’ve previously called her Donatello (after a reptilian mutant teenager or a Renaissance painter, pick your poison) countless of times because of this.

This is clear proof that anything of too much can be bad for you. I can’t exactly pinpoint the work that she’s had done, but I am going to say that excess tanning has not helped her cause at all. Donatella practically looks like a dried-up prune now because of excessive tanning and too many botched procedures. The only thing she says about her looks?

“I’m not like this genetically, I use tons of cream and take care of my hair and skin.”

So Donatella thinks she looks good — wow! Well, I do applaud her for her status as a self-made woman. At least there’s that.

#2 – Amanda Lepore

There are different stages of getting plastic surgery done. It’s a scary thing to undergo because of all the sharp objects, but it is a small sacrifice for the ultimate goal of being beautiful. Then there’s Amanda Lepore (who is just a divinely talented queen, really) who had too much fillers put in her cheeks and lips.

When was contouring discovered? Because she could have definitely benefited from it without going to a doctor. Also, her lips take me back to my childhood— back when I used to get those wax lips, “candy” that taste like a scented candle.

Amanda has spoken up about how painful her transformation was, and I honestly think she didn’t need any of those drastic measures like having her ribs broken to appear thinner. I know that beauty is pain, but that doesn’t mean that it should be a suicide mission for perfection.

#1 – Hang Mioku

This one made me speechless and sad at the same time. Hang Mioku was a once a beautiful Korean model. Hang was obsessed with having soft skin, so much so that she became addicted to silicone injections. When her doctors refused to give her anymore of them, she tried injecting cooking oil and silicone from the black market into her face. Well, her doctors were the good kind—because they were starting to get concerned after they’ve noticed that he face got enlarged after the injections.

This left her permanently disfigured. Despite the many corrective surgeries, Hang still has a very scarred and swollen face. At this point, the damage done by her self-surgeries have become irreparable. Even Hang’s own parents couldn’t recognize her when they first saw what happened to her.

I cannot stress this enough— research is your best friend before doing anything about your appearance.

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