15 Shocking Facts About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery involves any procedure that shapes and molds a person’s body to make it look different than it originally did

15 Shocking Facts About Plastic Surgery
15 Shocking Facts About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery involves any procedure that shapes and molds a person’s body to make it look different than it originally did. Some of the most common procedures are rhinoplasty, which involves changing the size or shape of the nose, and rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift. Of course, there are plenty of other procedures, just like there are plenty of celebrities who have cosmetically altered themselves. However, more and more “regular” people are deciding to get plastic surgery, as well. Since the trend is becoming more popular, the days of plastic surgery being frowned upon are quickly coming to an end.

With any surgery, there can be complications and that is enough to scare anyone away. Whenever someone agrees to have their body tampered with, there are always risks. Regardless of whether you’re an avid fan of plastic surgery or if you’d never dream of altering your beautiful body, here are some facts about plastic surgery that will shock you:

15. There’s A Cara Delevingne Eyebrow Transplant

A plastic surgeon in New York, named Dr. Keith Durante, has created a new form of hair transplant. It’s a type of eyebrow transplant, which he calls the “Cara Package,” named after Cara Delevingne, and comes with a $7,500 price tag. Cara is a sought after model that landed the lead role in Paper Towns, the movie adaptation of John Green’s novel. Her thick eyebrows are part of her signature style, proving that women don’t have to keep their brows thin in order for their faces to look gorgeous.

14. More Men Are Becoming Interested In Plastic Surgery

According to the Huffington Post, 91% of plastic surgery patients are women and only 9% are men. However, the number of male patients has increased by 45% since the year 2000. That means, in this day and age, men are placing more importance on their appearance. But, even though both genders show interest in cosmetic surgery, the types of procedures they are having done do differ. While the majority of women are interested in breast implants and rhinoplasty, men are more interested in liposuction, eyelid surgery, treatment for male breasts, and treatment for protruding ears.

13. People Use Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebs


There are thousands of people who have used plastic surgery in order to shape their features to feel more confident about their appearance. Some people use plastic surgery in order to look exactly like their favorite celebrities. A man by the name of Jordan James Parke spent a whopping $150,000 to look like Kim Kardashian. A boy in the U.S. spent $90,000 to get a sex change in order to look like his idol Britney Spears (picture above). There are even a handful of men and women who have gone under the knife in order to look like the childhood dolls, Barbie and Ken, and the truth is they will spend as much money as it takes to achieve the look they are after.

12. Plastic Surgery Was Originally Done On The Deceased


Plastic surgery wasn’t always a method for making people feel more attractive. Originally, plastic surgery was only done on the dead. In Egypt, they believed that a person’s face would look the same in the afterlife as it did when it was buried. That’s why, after important people died, their bodies were tampered with in order to make their most prominent features stand out. That way, the person would be recognizable to everyone that they met in the afterlife. The most common techniques used were the insertion of bones, seeds, and bandages into a person’s nose, cheeks, or stomach.

11. Plastic Surgery Used To Be Considered A Sin


Back in the Middle Ages, plastic surgery wasn’t anywhere as common as it is today. In fact, the procedure was viewed as sinful, which is why most people wouldn’t dream of having it done. The idea of a surgeon altering a person’s body by spilling their blood was mainly frowned upon, because they were changing God’s perfect creation. Around this time, the existence of witches was also a common belief, so the process was even equated to black magic. However, after soldiers suffered from wounds that surgeons could heal with plastic surgery, the idea started to become more acceptable.

10. Plastic Surgery Prices

Plastic surgery has its downsides. A procedure always runs the risk of going wrong, and even if it works out well, it takes a long time for the body to heal. That means that a person might have to take off from work and stop their exercise routine for a few days or even weeks. However, the most unappealing aspect of cosmetic surgery is the prices. Tummy tucks can cost about $5,000 or more. Rhinoplasty can cost $4,000 or more. Facelifts, which seem like the quickest procedure but are actually one of the most expensive, can cost $6,500 or more. The scariest part is that many people do not properly research the surgeons and end up with horrific results that find them back in the office for correctional work, which yes comes out of their pocket.

9. A Person’s Face Shape Affects How Others View Them


Like it or not, a person’s face affects the way that others view them, particularly when it comes to first impressions. According to Huffington Post, the shape of a person’s face plays a role in whether or not an employer is going to hire them during a job interview. People with symmetrical faces are viewed as prettier, which can make them seem more likable. Likewise, people with big eyes look more youthful and trustworthy. Several studies have tested this theory, and have shown that after getting an eyebrow lift, neck lift, or chin implants, a person can look more attractive and likable, which can raise their chances of getting a job.

8. Plastic Surgery Used To Be Preformed In Barbershops


Plastic surgery wasn’t always performed in a sterile environment with a low risk of getting hurt. Around the 16th century, cosmetic procedures were actually performed in barbershops by regular barbers. In fact, the men who worked in the shop were also expected to know how to amputate limbs and pull teeth in addition to knowing how to cut hair. These workers were aptly named “barber surgeons.” They had a wide skill set, which meant they also knew how to perform procedures such as bloodletting and supping therapy, and could also bathe their customers and give enemas.

7. Social Media Is Causing A Rise In Plastic Surgery

Selfie was the Oxford word of the year in 2013. Ever since then, it has become a normal part of society. Men and women, young and old, upload their own pictures to social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Even though the act seems innocent, it is allegedly causing a rise in plastic surgery. According to Huffington Post, there have been multiple people who have gotten cosmetic procedures done with the sole purpose of looking more attractive in selfies. Since social media is causing people to become more aware of their looks, it has caused a spike in interest of plastic surgery.

6. 6-15% Of Patients Seeking Cosmetic Surgery Have BDD

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a psychological disorder where a person is fixated with a flaw in their appearance, which is often very minor or not real. This disorder can take over a persons life as many patients claim to reduce social interactions, not wanting to go in public with their ‘flawed bodies’. According to various sources, about 2% of the population suffer from this disorder and of those seeking plastic surgery, 6-15% usually suffer from BDD. Often times, their request is denied, being that the doctor can tell that the patient needs treatment rather than correctional surgery.

5. Plastic Surgery Is Evolving


The plastic surgery industry is thriving in China. However, the citizens are undergoing a different set of procedures now than they have in the past. Originally, most plastic surgery was meant to Westernize the people from Asia. One of the most popular procedures was double eyelid surgery, which was meant to create a crease that most Caucasian women have, but most Asian women do not. However, there has been a new movement to preserve ethnic characteristics. Now, the changes that Asians can make to their appearance are subtle. Plastic surgeons aren’t removing as much fat on their eyelids and they aren’t making their noses too pointy, so that they can retain their culture.

4. There Are More Procedures Than You’d Think


Rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, facelifts, and tummy tucks are the plastic surgery procedures that are spoken about the most. However, they’re not the only type out there. There are some surgeries which are more unknown, such as liposculpture, that are becoming more and more common. Liposculpture is when a surgeon molds and shrinks a man’s skin in order to give him a six-pack. There are also eyelash transplants, which place more hair onto your eyelids for thicker lashes and belly button surgery to turn an outtie into an innie. A person can even go to a plastic surgeon to create dimples, reduce their nipple size, and get rid of extra labial skin.

3. There Are Plastic Surgery Fashion Shows

A plastic surgeon, named Ramtin Kassir, made headlines when he created a fashion show to show off his handiwork. Men and women, who were all former patients of his, walked down the runway while their “before” and “after” pictures appeared on screens behind them. The screen also contained a list of all of the procedures that the models had done, so that the audience members could judge their appearances and decide if they wanted the same procedures done on themselves. Even though the show was a way for Kassir to find new patients, he ended up getting a lot of criticism, especially since his show took place during New York Fashion Week.

2. In 2009, The U.S. Spent $10 Billion On Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular as the years pass by. In 1997, there were only 2.1 million plastic surgery procedures. However, twelve years later, in 2009, Americans spent around $10 billion on plastic surgery. Then, only a few years later, in 2012, Americans spent around $11 billion on plastic surgery. That’s equivalent to 1.6 million different cosmetic procedures, excluding minor procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers. In that year alone, 286,000 breast augmentations were performed on different women. Meanwhile, there were 6.1 million Botox injections performed. That means, that though the number of procedures performed is already high, it increases every single year.

1. Abdominal Etching Is Big In Poland


Men no longer need flat stomachs in order to have six-packs. Abdominal etching is a form of plastic surgery that carves areas of fat from the abdomen in order to make a person look like they’ve gone through months of training exercises. However, it doesn’t get rid of all of the fat around the area, which means that a person can have something that looks like a six-pack on top of their big belly. As great as the procedure sounds, it costs about $20,000 and takes five hours to complete. Plus, if a person has a large stomach, then it will be obvious that their abs are from surgery as opposed to diet and exercise.


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